Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cure For Cancer?

I know of few other diseases that have the kind of power to strike fear in our hearts than the word Cancer.  Whether it is our own diagnosis or that of a close friend or family member, we tend to tremble at its utterance.  Why?  Because for every well fought stance that has led to remission we all can name specific examples of loved ones that lost the fight and were taken from us.

I've been hearing about research for a cure all of my life.  I must admit that my skepticism tends to take grip as I ponder the possibility of success.  Between the fact that scientists have been searching for a cure for so long and seem not to even gain victory over the common cold, my cynicism appears justified to some extent.

However, recent news just hit the interwebs yesterday that ImMucin has been developed as a Cancer vaccine and is showing very promising results in the clinical trials.  Sometimes there is a misnomer that Christians, like myself, don't care about death and dying since that is when we get to our eternal and heavenly bliss.  Still others think my faith causes me to avoid medicine and man-made solutions to illness and the fallen status of our world.

Nothing can be further from the truth.  I believe God endows us with abilities and even leads bright minds to invent and innovate.  Prayer is certainly powerful and part of my utility belt when seeking out healing for myself or my loved ones.  But I also let God bless me through others that have the ability to help expedite the process.  I pray this vaccine is indeed successful and helps to transform millions of lives for the good.

What do you think?


Sleepy Hollow said...


It's Mike. Felicia's mom has been battling cancer for over a year, thought she was in remission only to find out that it's come back with a vengence so to speak. She needs prayer, but I think prayer for her faith in our Lord is just as important as prayer for physical recovery. I'm worried about her spiritually and it's hurting Felicia a lot worrying about her physically. Please think about us, and call me sometime tomorrow about business, 903.275.8129.

Jim said...

Hey Mike,

Tried calling you but it rang continuously and never went to voicemail. When you are up and able, call me at the office. Our phone numbers have not changed.

I agree that our spiritual condition is much more important than our physical. Verses like Matthew 5:29 bear that out. So I will certainly pray for your mother-in-law in both arenas and am very sorry to learn of this news!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go out for all who are on this journey...A cure will be found of this I am sure.