Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tornadic Terror

I have lived in what they call Tornado Alley all of my life.  From early childhood until now, I have spent quite a bit of time huddled with my family in the "safest part" of the particular home we happen to be living in.  As a child, it was a combination of emotions.  Anxiety for the unknown was mixed in with positive feelings of being intimately connected with my family.  Camping out indoors, huddled in a hallway with our 13 inch black and white TV was in some ways a treat for me.  Having my parents do most of the worrying, waiting, and watching whilst I fell asleep in my sleeping bag brought me comfort.

Now I am that dad, the protector...who must do for my children what my parents had always done for me.  As the radar and weather reports began showing signs of concern yesterday my family was scattered throughout the metroplex.  I was at work, my wife and baby at home, and my twins were at school.  The old fears from childhood resurfaced as I imagined being apart from one another while the severe weather approached.  My wife and I quickly formulated a plan that meant me leaving work early, getting the kids out of school, and the five of us gathering together to wait out the storms.

As I arrived at the school it seemed other parents had the same idea.  There was this sense of community as we all gave one another an understanding look.  The Principal was at the front door and told us all to just go straight to the classrooms to get our children but to hurry...the weather was fast approaching.  The kids, like me years before, were both scared and excited.  Little did I know as a child or do my children know are the parents.  Yes, we are grown up, more experienced, and mature.  But deep down our feelings of insecurity are still there...we just have to bury them for their sake.  Severe weather is just one of many factors that we have no control over and a reminder of our dependence on God's grace and provision.

One day my kids will be the protectors.  And they will realize when they are, that mix of emotions is still the same.  But they will keep a brave face for their little ones.


Steve Finnell said...

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Mike Messerli said...

How funny, I almost used that photo myself. Great post, thanks.