Monday, April 09, 2012

Understanding The Point

Every other year we traverse to East Texas for  Easter Weekend.  My mom's side of the family all get together at my aunt's lake house/camp for the celebration.  Bunnies and eggs already offer enough competition to the Resurrection story as it is.  But in this environment we also have five cousins (not including my three) of similar age, we have a giant lake with all-you-can-handle fishing, we have boating expeditions, we have nature hikes, campfires, delicious food & desserts, and a very steep driveway to race down.  And just in case they could possibly find a way to get bored, yes...there is also a Wii and DVD movie options.

I have taken the approach that I want my kids to have a blast.  I want them to enjoy their cousins and the countless available activities.  But somewhere along the lines, I want to take pause and talk about why we are out in the woods and what the weekend is actually about.  I have pessimistically blogged about this topic in the past (click here if you dare) so this year I tried a more positive strategy by asking my twins various questions along the way.  At every turn they knew this was about Jesus.  They explained how He was crucified, buried, and raised on the third day.  I was a proud papa already but then on Sunday morning as we took the short drive from our cabin to the main lake house, I asked them if they could tell me the Easter story.

I expected another brief recap of Jesus dying for our sins and in three days being raised again.  Instead my daughter started with acquisition of the donkey and the crowd laying down palm leaves, shouting Hosanna.  She then talked of the last supper and how Jesus took the bread, broke it and explained it was His body.  That he took the cup of wine, explaining that it was His blood.  She went on to tell us the details of the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas' betrayal, and Christ's arrest.  She did end with the details I originally expected but I was amazed by the in-depth and knowledgeable recap which included calling the Disciples "Jesus's Helpers".

It was all in her own words, told with a six year old understanding.  But it was brilliant and the highlight of my weekend!  Sure I too love the fishing, the food, the family, the campfires, and the natural surroundings.  However, nothing could have made my Easter experience better than having my children "get it" and share in those moments together!


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