Monday, May 07, 2012

A Bedfull Of Punkins

On my list of favorite things, this experience is certainly somewhere near the top.  And that is saying a lot if you know me and my desire for uninterrupted slumber.  Sometime around the age of twelve I truly discovered my love, dedication, and all out NEED for sleep.  I am not talking about six or even eight hours of it either.  No, no...that is child's play.  I am talking about sawing logs for twelve hours at night but still being able to take a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

Now I have written in the past about how difficult adulthood in general but specifically marriage and parenthood has been on this love-affair of mine.  It doesn't help when your spouse hates sleeping and doesn't have the word "nap" in her vocabulary.  Add three kids that are age six and under and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to restful shut-eye.  But this time I am not going to go down that road.  No, instead I want to talk about something better than a few more minutes of sleep (I never thought I would say or type such a phrase)!

It is when my one year old, and twin six year olds wake up (yes...its always TOO early for me) and come get in our bed on Saturday mornings!  The moment I even think about groaning about wanting a few more minutes I see three bed-heads crawling toward me to snuggle my neck.  And they do just that.  Like sardines, the five of us wriggle and maneuver to make room for one another but also to carve out our own slice of bed-heaven.  The entire process doesn't last long.  Its a matter of moments before a tickling match breaks out or someone bellows how hungry they are.  But in those brief moments, its worth losing any amount of sleep to feel the closeness and comfort of a family that loves one another!