Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honor & Humility

I believe God communicates with us in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.  In both cases we can be ignorant to His messages or turn a purposeful blind eye.  But the idea for a Christian is to avoid both by remaining open to His instruction and "willing" to respond in obedience.

Well this is one of those times where a not-so-subtle message is being delivered.  On Sunday our Pastor talked of how the Bible tells us to honor one another.  That it sounds great in theory but rather difficult in practice. He gave several funny examples laced with some serious gut-checks and challenges for us to look in the mirror and evaluate how we're personally doing with this.

Then just yesterday I had to teach my Upward Soccer team during the halftime huddle about Humility.  In defining this word for them, the message come through yet again.  Its putting another persons needs, desires, wants, glory, and importance before your own.  Jesus Himself modelled this by kneeling before His disciples and washing their feet.  Do you understand that moment?

THE KING of the known Universe knelt before mere men (who were probably stinking of sweaty travels with wretchedly dirty feet) and He lovingly washed them.  If we serve a God that demonstrates that kind of love and humility...I for one am "all-in".  I don't know if I can ever duplicate His example but to me, its worth striving for.  Not to "earn" anything.  But to respond obediently out of my love for Him and what He has done for us.

Your thoughts?