Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Hypocrite

Yesterday my wife informed me on my way home that my eldest son Michael was being quite difficult.  So much so that four warnings/scoldings and two different forms of consequences failed to snap him back into shape.  He continued rebelling and pushing the line.  Like so many of us as children, he then heard these dreaded words:

"Just wait until your Father gets home"!

And its true.  I am the disciplinarian in our family.  For some reason my involvement gets the desired results.  Who knows exactly why?  Perhaps my 195 lb frame, or my deep voice, or my stern looks & lectures.  Perhaps its because they know that I don't threaten consequences that I will not follow up on.  Whatever magical combination of factors is in play, I don't question it and it works.

But it occurred to me whilst on the phone with Rachael hearing of my son's actions that I would be soon stepping into a scene playing a part that technically makes me a hypocrite.  Whether I let my mind flash back to a decade when I was the boy and my daddy was disappointed in mom's report or instead think about the countless ways I've rebelled against God (my Heavenly Father)...the facts are the same.  I am someone that needs correction, guidance, discipline, and a stern lecture from time to time.

So you have a rebel in corrective training (Me) correcting a fellow rebel (Michael) that has a longer road ahead of him.  I think God sets it up this way on purpose.  On one hand it does inflame my sense of justice and fairness therefore producing the appropriate measure of discipline.  But on the other hand I am reminded of my own failures and the mercy that has been shown to me even when I didn't deserve it.  The end result most often turns out to be a fair and balanced correction that leaves we (the parents) satisfied that poor behavior was corrected and they (the children) perhaps a bit upset but never losing focus that mom and dad love them dearly.