Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pink Elephant

Christian Theology has its fair share of Pink Elephant topics.  I don't pretend to have a list or know where this topic belongs but I can say with decent certainty that talk of demons is near the top.  Reasons abound but here are just a few that cross my mind:

  • They are scary
  • They are evil
  • They are supernatural and challenge naturalism
  • They incite outsiders to label you as crazy for believing they exist
But like most things, avoiding truth doesn't make it go away, so why not get into the subject a bit?  Specifically for my purposes I want to challenge my readership (both Christian & Atheist) to weigh in on a video series that is already under way on my YouTube Channel, called "There's A Demon in My TV'.  The title is purposefully meant to get a reaction and create curiosity.  But in my opinion that is where the sensationalism stops and the true dialog begins.

What I am posting in these videos are clips from main stream television commercials and programs (including Children's shows & cartoons) that barrow heavily from the Demon Narrative.  Whether or not you are personally a Christian this topic is (a) one you can weigh in on and (b) something that I assume might cause you as much concern as it does me.

The question that has to be asked is why would producers of these forms of media use known characteristics, behaviors, imagery, and even Biblical narratives of the demonic to sell you products or create interest in their plot lines?  For Christians this is especially offensive because that is that last thing behind a long list of other ills on TV that we want our kids exposed to.  For the Atheist who does not believe in such things, I don't think its safe to assume there is no concern.  The last I checked most Atheists dislike it very much when any religiously influenced plot line enters into their inner sanctum in effort to persuade them a particular way.  How much worse is it when a rather grotesque version of that religious narrative is exploited to its fullest?

Normally I would embed all three videos at this point, let you watch them here without leaving the blog, and await any and all commentary.  But I am actually going to make you do this on YouTube this go-round.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six