Thursday, June 14, 2012

Direct TV Spoof

You cannot follow me online or know me IRL for long before discovering my sense of humor.  To me this is a God-given human trait that unfortunately isn't always shared by fellow Christians.  And I get that we need to be serious about important subject matter and not make light of our faith when eternity hangs in the balance.  I'll even grant you that certain types of humor stylings are inappropriate and well beyond the borders of a "best representation" of Christ-like behavior.  But hopefully you don't see my comedic offerings skirting such a border and appreciate a good laugh as much as I do.

For this particular creation, I have taken the already hilarious Direct TV commercial formula and made it my own...with a Christian twist of course.  This (like most of my decent ideas) will most likely become a series.  Take a look at this first run and give me your thoughts!