Thursday, June 07, 2012

Moral Dilemma - WWYD?

Ever watch ABC News correspondent John Quinones as he does his hidden camera experiments?  Sometimes its just to see if people will help someone in need.  Other times its to see if folks are willing to be confrontational when the situation demands it.  Still other made-up scenarios test a persons moral fiber.  My wife probably gets annoyed with me when I watch this show because I emphatically state,

"If only this show would catch me in the act, they would see a guy willing to do what's right!"

Yes, folks I watch this show and get the majority of my entertainment value from making judgement calls against those that "fail" the test, all the while in the privacy and comfort of my own home, claiming that I would never get caught turning a blind eye to injustice of any kind.  I think deep down, I know that my imperfections are bigger than that but there I sit, royally on my throne of self indulgent pride, boldly declaring otherwise.

With this set up in mind, I must now change the scenery and take you to Target and propose a What Would You Do scenario of my own (move over John Q.)  My daughter Mackenzie even before entering the shopping premises has voiced her desire to purchase something.  She has a few bucks to her name and knows well enough at her age that this won't buy her much.  As luck would have it, while in the store she finds a $20 bill!  My first reaction was WOW...what luck and I was doing a mini-celebration that Mackenzie's options for her purchase just improved significantly.  Then reality kicked in and I realized that someone else LOST this money.

As I thought about our options, my train of thought went something like this:

  • How can we possibly locate a person that lost cash?
  • What person wouldn't admit to losing money if you held it up and asked a large crowd?
  • Does anyone near-by us appear to be searching for something lost?
  • Should we go turn it in to the lost and found?
  • Will the lost and found person keep it for themselves and laugh as I walk away?
  • If the money goes unclaimed, who gets it?
  • Does finders-keepers apply to Modern culture?

Essentially I wanted Mackenzie to know that we need to make an effort to find the owner of lost goods.  But at what point do you keep the shaggy dog that no one called about when you've papered the neighborhood with FOUND pictures?  Or in this case, at what point do you buy a toy?

You may choose to judge me for how I handled this and I would deserve it as payback for my actions and rulings over the ABC coverage.  But we went to the lost and found counter to ask if anyone had inquired about a lost $20 bill?  They said that no one had and so I let Mackenzie keep it.


Anonymous said...

Some stores will hold the money with your name on it in an envelope for a number of days. If no one claims it. You can pick it up later.

Anonymous said...

I would have done the same.

Craig V said...

* What if the person who "lost" the money did it on purpose as a charitable gift to a lucky soul?
* What if it was God's answering your needs? Maybe testing your disposition?

Each will react according to their conscious. If someone did actually lose the money I hope they just learned an important lesson about keeping up with cash.

What would Christ do with the money?
What will Mackenzie do with the money?