Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mourning a Lost Faith

I was up most of the night.  Tossing and turning over my recent discovery.  It seems a rather impactful Christian brother that I first met on Youtube has rejected his faith.  I don't yet have official confirmation of that from him but all signs and clues that he has left lying around seem legit.

There are two types of "former Christians".  Type one has only rejected Churchianity.  It looks and smells like Christianity and most in it believe themselves Christian.  I know because this is where I once called home.  But it was man-made traditions and obligations.  It was a hallow attempt by man to bridge the gap to God.  It left me searching and believing that Christianity really didn't have the answers.  Type two really did have a relationship with Christ.  They really did have the authentic walk.  They really did have the Holy Spirit and experienced a re-birth...only to later reject their faith and return to the land of the lost.  Scripture warns us that type two has committed the only unforgivable sin when they reject the Holy Spirit in this manner.

I almost applaud type one folks.  Sure there is inherent danger that they will always believe that they had an authentic walk with Christ and never believe something more than their Churchianity experience is even possible.  But why delude yourself and think you've got something that you don't.  These are the folks that Scripture says will call out Lord , Lord...as He sadly reports that He never knew them.  It is vitally important to reject Churchianity so that you are no longer in this category.  So though it is scary and has dangers, I again, must applaud.

The problem is in the not knowing a persons heart.  In the not knowing which category they are rejecting both categories of people will claim they are rejecting Christianity and both will swear to have had an authentic walk.  So I mourn over this kind of news, no matter who it comes from or what circumstances make up the details.  I have to deal with the idea that I may NEVER get to commune with this person as a brother or sister again.  In some ways its worse than telling me any other kind of bad news.  Eternity is attached to these decisions. 

For those of you that have Calvinist leanings of once saved always saved...(a) I hope you are right despite Scriptural references that imply otherwise and (b) please don't take this as opportunity to argue TULIP concepts with me.  I am very upset and not in the mood.


Anonymous said...

I think you misspelled previleged. In your about me section.

Mike Messerli said...

Anon, I think you misspelled it too!

Mike Messerli said...

Jim, great post. Let's have coffee and talk about it, ok?

Jim said...

Thanks either way. I fixed it. Mike that sounds like a good idea. Shoot me an email with your availability sometime.

Mike Messerli said...

I will, I'm back in Texas on the 26 th.