Monday, July 30, 2012

A Broken System

Many of you already know that I run a staffing agency.  Those of you that don't, do now.  As such I meet all kinds of out-of-work people that are in search of opportunity.  Most of these experiences are positive and don't warrant a rant on my blog.  This is not one of those times.

Three weeks ago a man filled out one of our applications.  Once finished, I began questioning him about his employment goals and he got me pretty excited when he started talking about his printing experience and former career.  One of my largest and most active clients is a digital printing company.  But then he let the bomb drop.  "I cannot work full time.  I only want 25 hours per week."

I've had people tell me they only want part time before but this was very specific, so I went on to inquire as to his reasons why while simultaneously explaining that my printing opportunities were full time with overtime requirements.  He said he was not interested in anything over 25 hours because he didn't want to lose his SSI benefits.  Knowing this was a Social Security program that pays the disabled, I asked him about his health and potential limitations on the job.  The last thing I want to do is put someone in harms way if we can make special accommodations to prevent further issues from occurring.

He says, "I am not disabled.  I had double pneumonia several years ago and went into a coma.  After two weeks they finally disconnected me from all the breathing equipment and pulled the plug.  Instead of dying, I began breathing on my own and woke up.  At the time I qualified for SSI because I still had a long recovery ahead of me.  They still haven't stopped giving me the benefits even though I am perfectly healthy and have no lingering issues or work restrictions.  But I can only work 25 hours per week or I will jeopardize the benefits and possibly lose them."

So let me get this straight.  This guy has perfect health but continues to get government cheese because of an event that happened years ago?  I have a full time job, immediately available in his field of expertise in this horrid economy that has most people begging me for any available opportunity.  But he has to reject my offer because it will take his cheese away?  I don't know who to hang by their toes first...this poor excuse for a lazy man or the government that enables him!


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