Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Funerals & Vacations

I have a mixture of emotions as I write today's post.  I just finished penning a tribute to Rachael's Grandfather and I am literally one day away from finally taking a much needed vacation.  So on one end of the emotional spectrum I have a deep reverence and sense of loss as a great man is for at least the time-being inaccessible.  On the other end of the spectrum is an untamable excitement over what will hopefully be an awesome trip fully balanced with equal shares of relaxation and fun.

It seems odd to have such pendulum swings between both realities.  Perhaps it would be more appropriate to deal with each event on their own at separate times.  But that isn't possible since they are both made manifest on the same exact week.  I can't deal with them separately simply because the timeline won't allow for separation.  I suppose it just serves the old adage "life goes on" to be true.  The world doesn't stop spinning when we experience personal loss although we feel like it should.

People will still go to work, still go out to eat, still celebrate parties, still go on vacations, and still continue living their lives.  It's not meant to betray those that we've lost necessarily.  In some ways it honors them as much as taking several days off work to mourn and hold funeral services.  Continuing to live your life though they lost theirs, is in some ways taking them forward with us.  We have wonderful memories and in some cases such as this, their genetics, character flaws, and inherited talents.  We are a living testimony and legacy to who they were. 

We love you Grandpa!