Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Get This Straight - 2

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I have several friends on Facebook that are atheists. And in that group there are several that are at least as vocal about their world view as I am, if not more-so. When they post something like the photo(s) you see above, it is very difficult for me to remain silent. But I don't think Facebook is the forum to iron out our differences or argue. They put up with my preaching and I need to respect their right to preach as well. So I have decided to take examples they use, careful not to reveal their identity and respond accordingly here on the blog. Should they see an example they've used when coming here and want to discuss...I think this site might be a better place to dialog.

So what is wrong with these two ProAtheist photos recently shared on my Facebook Newsfeed?  Besides failing to bring any credible arguments of their own to the table both engage in the same logical fallacy, called Ad Hominem.  This particular technique once again diverts the viewers attention away from the claims in question and places it somewhere else.  In this case the attention is focused on the kinds of people that believe in Christianity.  Say for a moment I grant the atheist community that Goat Herders are not nearly as credible as modern day scientists and that playing chess with someone like me is akin to challenging a pigeon.  What effect do either of these implied insults have on the truth of my world view versus your world view?  If I insult an atheist...have I done anything to affect the truth of his or her claims?  No because what they look like, how they act, or why they believe as they do has no actual bearing on what is and is not true.  At best someone using these techniques can make it unattractive to be part of my faith group because its "not cool", "not politically correct", or appears to be full of deluded idiots practicing blind faith. 

But who isn't able to sling arrows?  If we want to get into an insult contest, let's at least be honest enough to admit that is our intent.  If we want to engage in actual, intellectual discussions that follow the rules of logic, let's quit using logical fallacies and high-fiving our buddies after posting this crap on Facebook and Twitter!  Just a thought.


Pony and Petey said...

I was scrolling down as I was reading...TOTALLY bummed when the post ended! I thought it might go on a lot longer...I WANTED it to go on alot longer!

Thanks for the great info and for teaching me a new word...I've heard ad homxxxx however it's spelled...but I didn't really know what it meant = )

Craig V said...

Let me refer you to the foundational basis of atheist's assertions ...oops, there are none! There's only ridicule and ridicule is not an argument. The basis of the atheist views is always ridicule - founded in ignorance, shrouded in delusional thinking, NEVER a shred of foundational reasoning for the basis of their assertions.

The photos are perfect examples of pure atheistic ridicule without an once of applied rationale or intellectual honesty - not even good humor. Image 1 is out of laughable ignorance and utter intellectual dishonsty, or just stupidity. Image 2 is a mind defending its delusional thinking by psychlogically projecting its traits onto those who best threaten their delusional world - and won't come looking to slice their heads off!

I don't much address the babbling of atheists - I don't have time for deprogramming stunted reprobate minds - As Christians I believe we should be worried about those "Christians" whom Christ said will NOT pass through the narrow gate. Who better deserves our efforts, the reprobate or those already open to seeking God?
I haven't come across an atheist yet who didn't know what the Bible was.

Jim said...


Great points. And this series is designed for those that are still forming their world view and might be mistakenly influenced by this kind of propaganda. While I pray and hope for the reprobate minds that have hardened their hearts, I don't put much stock into the idea that I have any power to influence them.

Craig V said...

It's not about influencing atheists, but agreed, it is about reaching those still forming their world view, "those on fence" as I'd put it.

In addressing the irrational thinking atheists it is important a comprehensive well informed effort is made to expose their delusional thinking before a wide audience, of fellow believers and those on the fence, to glorify the truth of God and that salvation is real. Atheist like proding the weak in the faith to draw out the irrational to parade it in ridicule . We have far too many believers, TV evangelicals to YouTuber mini ministry pulpits, speaking with a weak understanding of the POWER of the Gospel, that hurts the truth and makes easy prey for atheists, "Satan's fingers". God's armor must be constantly poilished and shined! I'm sure you've nailed with a hammer - the large crushing precision blow drives the nail deeper faster than short wimpy taps - So I will occasionally "hammer down" on the spineless athiests and as they do to others, going after the weakest of them (as if it really matters to me) in the presence of the widest audience possible - the knuckle-heads you present here are the absolute weakest. Let the wise, the elect, be drawn to the truth.

We must remember that atheists only card to play is ridicule - it is the joker with a big mouth! LOL! - They deny the facts and run from the truth - "science" is a profound aspect of God's glory, it IS the very proof atheists ask for - and it's right in front of their faces, even in their very hands - that's freakin' delusional.

Also, wasn't sure you were on FB, I search once w/o luck - look me up bro! - "Craig Villareal".

God first!

Jim said...

Just added you.