Thursday, July 26, 2012


Very few products are able to speak to every facet of my persona.  But occasionally one comes along that does and like a kid in a candy store, I go nuts with desire.  I hereby introduce you to Bug-A-Salt...a shotgun styled, pump action, toy rifle that shoots salt pellets to help eradicate unwanted bugs like house flies.  Did you get all of that?  Yes, its speaks to the little boy in you that wants to squish bugs.  It speaks to the teenager in you that used to have pellet gun fights with the neighbor kids.  It speaks to the man in you that must justify being a boy trapped in a man's body with practical excuses that your wife will believe.  And in this case you have just that.  Its a non-toxic, fun, easy to use bug killer that actually leaves the insects body intact for easy clean-up and disposal.

Shooting approximately a pinch of salt per discharge the reservoir will hold around fifty shots or so.  Unfortunately this product is not yet on the market but it looks like they are starting to accept pre-orders now.  I for one am going to ask my wife to consider purchasing one for Christmas or perhaps my next birthday.  Before long I will be a household Rambo eliminating all six legged invaders of our humble abode.  There will be awards banquets held in my honor and most likely a Presidential invite to the White House that I will have to decline partly due to my bug-killing schedule having little flexibility and partly because...well...its Obama.

In all seriousness, I am not getting paid to endorse this product...although the maker of said gun is more than welcome to hire me to do so.  I just saw the following video recently and thought you and yours might be as excited about it as I was.  Enjoy!