Monday, July 23, 2012

Talking To Yourself

We all have that internal voice that bounces around our cranium.  We make to do lists, we evaluate, make decisions, and process everything from the very important to the mundane.  Every now and then we unknowingly verbalize our monolog.  It's not until someone hears you and asks you what is going on that you embarrassingly realize the inner conversation just went to the outer realms.

But that isn't that kind of self talk I want to investigate today.  Instead I want to explore the hypothetical kind that can only exist if we ever master time travel.  If the you of today could go back and talk to the you of yesterday, would you want to?  If so, what would you say?  What would you advise the younger you to take a chance on or to avoid? 

Now what if you could go to the future and talk to an older version of yourself?  Would that conversation be just as thrilling or any different for you?  My assumption is that whichever version of me is the oldest in each scenario is the one to listen to the most.  I debate whether or not I would advise my younger self to do anything different.  Though I have a wake of mistakes and regrets that I would like to erase, those experiences and moments are part of what shaped me.  Furthermore, the butterfly effect is a very real possibility.  You may make one minor change and never meet your amazing spouse and your entire life is different.

Perhaps that is one of just many reasons I am glad we CANNOT make this hypothetical any more of a reality.  But I must give this guy props for coming pretty close.  Take a look at his conversation with himself and enjoy!

LANGUAGE WARNING: There is one cuss word at the beginning you will have to forgive...