Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Waiting On God

With high speed Internet and Google at our fingertips the idea of waiting for any kind of answer seems absurd.  But despite our advances and impressive modern-day tools, we still cannot get everything we need from man.  There are some questions and some prayers that only God can handle.  Whether its seeking purpose and direction for your own life or asking Him for an explanation for certain circumstances, we each have to humbly approach Him and present our concerns & questions.

It's always nice to get a clear cut and fairly immediate answer.  There have been times that while I am praying, the answer comes to mind or my wife will call me and offer the exact information I was asking The Lord to help me understand.  But His ways are not my ways and I am constantly learning His timing is also not my timing.  If my timing were of any importance or concern I would probably have one eight year old and one five year old, with possibly one more on the way or fairly young.  Instead we went through years of infertility.  And upon seeking help several procedures failed to work before finally seeing success.  We have twins, not because it runs in our family but more so because we transferred three embryos and two implanted.  We went through another five years of procedures and ten more embryos before finally experiencing a second pregnancy and a third child.

I am at another crossroads in life right now.  I am asking lots of questions about both my profession and my ministerial role.  I am not getting immediate or clear answers right now and that is admittedly frustrating.  But both my personal history with petitioning The Lord and Scripture itself tells us that we are to wait.  How long?  For the Israelites it was forty years in the desert.  For Habakkuk, he not only got answers he didn't want to hear...he would not get to see his situation improve for the duration of his lifetime.  So this situation may or may not meet with resolution in any high speed way or at all.  The real question is am I willing to remain faithful and continue to wait?

Yes.  Yes I am.  But can we put a rush order on that?