Monday, July 02, 2012

What Are You Celebrating?

Two hundred and thirty six years ago our ancestors issued the Declaration of Indpendence from the British Empire.  That fact, our foundation, and rich history are indeed something to celebrate.  But on my way to work this morning the question posed in the title of this post continued to plague me.  What am I celebrating on the fourth of July?  Certainly not the current state of America.  Certainly not the continuous social, economic, political, and moral decline we've experienced over two centuries.  And I realize it hasn't been a steep slope straight down.  We've had our highs and lows but the net result in all categories by my estimation is again, a decline.

Also, don't mistake this post as a rant against current administration.  I find it laughable that the GOP thinks putting Mitt Romney in place of Barak Obama will solve anything.  They are cut from the same cloth.  They are of the same ilk.  In a former article of mine I go so far as to call current political candidates on both sides of the isle, Republicrats (save for Ron Paul).  What good is an administration change when the new leadership just continues to ignore what the public wants?  What good is an administration change when its only the faces that actually differ?  Have we really seen a significant positive improvement from Bush to Obama?  My answer is No.  They are both ridiculous.

So what is my answer to the title's question?  I am celebrating The American People.  I still believe in our countrymen even if we've allowed a tyrannical government to infiltrate.  I still believe that there are God-fearing, patriots that will fight for my rights and yours.  I am celebrating family and friends.  I am celebrating the freedoms that we still have (so far) especially the freedom to worship God and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.  I am celebrating the blessings I have received both personally and corporately.  And most importantly though I will be celebrating what once was a great country...I am celebrating the idea that we can be great again!

Happy Independence Day!