Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Lesson In Manners

My childhood home was a crucible of constant learning, especially about manners.  We used to marvel each time Mom would introduce us to a new rule that we'd never heard of before.  It usually was yet another thing we weren't supposed to be doing at the table.  It seems the table is solely for eating and discussion...but NO TALKING with your mouth full!

We used to joke with her that she needed to write a book so that we can keep up with all these rules and no longer have an excuse when she enforced one that we didn't know about.  Alas, no such book was written.  But my brother and I certainly don't put elbows on the table, nor do we scoop anything onto our forks with our fingers, we know the proper table setting of each item of utensil, dish, and glass.   Plus we know not to sing, belch, fart, scream, make ANY sound effects, pinch each other, or get out of our seat without being excused. 

I can't say that I still adhere to ALL of these lessons but at least I know them, right?  And of course the table was not the only classroom or reason for learning manners.  My parents did what all adults that are charged with caring for young children are supposed to do.  They brought me up to know right from wrong and how to properly interact with society.  At times I wonder how much instruction is still being administered.  At times I wonder how much the new generations even care when they are taught the correct behaviors.  Though there might be justifiable reason to worry, the following YouTube clip brought a ray of light into the mix.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Props both to the coach of this young man but also to Southwest Airlines for helping teach this guy a lesson!