Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Heroes & Hope 5.0

We live in trifling and uncertain times. I tend to highlight the more concerning topics fairly often. So in effort to be fair and balanced, it seems appropriate for me to present another series that highlights people, events, accomplishments, and the rays of light God gives us for encouragement sake.

I have been collecting several stories that qualify for this series so some are less recent than others.  And perhaps each hero in these articles deserves their own separate post but for efficiency sake, I will present them all as links you can follow for the full details.  You will see these people come from all walks of life, are all different ages, and all found a way to be an inspiration in completely different ways.  Let this be an encouragement to you.  Not just to lift your spirit and give you some good news in the wake of mostly depressing headlines.  Let it inspire you to be a hero in your own corner of this world. 

1. Fifteen Year Old Boy Saves Neighbors From Fire

2. Perhaps the World's Luckiest Ice Climber

3. Man Saves 7 Year Old Falling From Window

4. Young Man of 20 Donates Kidney to a Stranger

Leave a comment telling us which was your favorite inspirational story and why.