Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Flux

Like a stranded passenger at an airport waiting on bad weather to pass, I feel very much like I'm caught in a holding pattern.  I typically don't mind so much when life's problems come along but like most guys, I am a problem solver.  And if a  problem does not have a fairly immediate solution, I experience a ripe mixture of passionate irritation and impatience.  Delayed gratification is fine when it comes to saving money, going on a trip, improving skills, or furthering education.  But when a problem, which by definition is something very undesirable, occurs I am NOT good at waiting.  Not good at all.

Here are just a few unresolved issues:

  • My business is making some serious changes that will most likely not be completed until year end but should have happened six months ago.

  • As shared in yesterdays post, I have many friends and family that are in poor health or circumstances that have asked for prayer.  I am praying and have already seen some results but it will be a while before the "all clear" can be sounded.

  • I have decided to eat healthier and exercise but know that properly executing a plan will require waiting a while for a full twenty pounds to be lost.

  • Two different friends have big issues that I see plain as day.  I've elected to remain silent about them not only to spare their feelings but also because I don't believe I would be able to contain my passionate emotions surrounding the topic(s) in question.  And no, these are not sins or else I would follow Scriptures commands to correct them gently.
There are more on the list but you get the point.  In each situation I would love nothing more than to snap my fingers to cause resolution.  I reckon that option will never be available to us though because it doesn't allow for growth.  God is interested in maturing us and making us into His image.  There is no shortage of Bible verses about God's patience and willingness to be long-suffering.  And if it weren't for that trait, many of us would be in deep trouble (myself included). 

I won't say that I haven't learned some patience over the years.  I can look back and see stretching and softening in this area especially with all that Fatherhood requires.  But I will be the first to admit that I have not yet fully arrived!  What are you impatient about right now?  How is God using your circumstances to teach you?


Mr. T said...

lol - suddenly you're recent silence makes some sense...