Monday, August 20, 2012

Making Idols

Idolatry in the Old Testament was the worshipping of other gods.  Scripture seems to classify two categories of "other gods" as (a) just fake, non-existent beings represented by carved sculptures or (b) actual demons posing as gods.  Most people don't need to be told why worshipping evil demons is bad but what about bowing to sculptures that are just empty vessels that give the person some kind of security and placebo-type benefit?

I think this category is more prevalent today than pagan themed satan worship but in a very different way.  You see Scripture plainly shows a hierarchy of importance that we should be placing on life's priorities.  God first, family, job obligations, friends, and so on down the line.  But God first is the entire crux of avoiding idolatry.  And though most of us do not bow to wood carvings, we do place tons of things and even people before God.  I believe this behavior qualifies as idol worship.

Throughout the years God has convicted me of various idols.  I have put family first at times which doesn't seem so bad except that I am never a great family man when I've lost my focus on God.  I have put activities, possessions, and habits first.  In each circumstance of realizing that I've rearranged priorities, it becomes necessary to shift gears and get everything back into alignment.  I am now attempting to defeat the idol of food.  My worship of it has showed itself on my waistline and in my chubby face.  It became to much of a priority and gluttonous habits have formed. 

With God's help I am breaking free.  But I might caution those that may join me in doing so to not let the pursuit of weight loss and calorie counting become the new god.  The enemy is happy to have us overly focused on either extreme so long as the focus is NOT our Heavenly Father.  For more about what I am doing and an opportunity to join me, click here.


Craig V said...

Brother, your being blessed - There's much better things to do than being chained to worldly vices - Personally I can't stand being chained to worldly "garbage"! And In my regeneration in Christ, God has become my "vice", which is to say my Lord, who asked nothing but I put Him first - EZ!

I've responded to your question of my views on weight loss and food on a blog post - not sure why you've asked me, but I explain why I have the views I do. It was too long for a FB or a Blog comment and I wanted to address this subject on my Blog anyway - I sometimes exceed the world's idea of a thought in words - and phooey, I won't apologize for it ;)