Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Olympic's: Fan or Not?

If your house is like mine, then its rather divided when it comes to the Olympics.  I was raised watching them.  Perhaps its the nostalgia of family tradition.  Perhaps it was the athletic dreams of a Jim that once wanted to be on the Olympic Soccer Team.  Perhaps its just National pride as I root on my countrymen and women, very proud and somewhat surprised that our obese and out-of-shape society still produces quite a few champions.  Perhaps its just the world involvement as many cultures come together to participate in a peaceful competition.

Whatever the secret formula is, I am a BIG fan.  I don't care if its an exciting swimming finish or ping pong, I can literally watch any event and stayed glued to my set all day long.  But that is not the case for my lovely wife.  She can take or leave the games and without me around it would be the latter more often than the former.  I don't blame her of course.  It's not like we are a huge sports watching family.  I am one of those guys that doesn't HAVE to follow my favorite baseball, football, and basketball teams.  If I happen to catch a game while its on, I gladly participate.  If I don't find out until the 10PM news that the Cowboys won...that is fine too.

So I haven't exactly fostered a climate in our home where avid and intentional sports viewing is a high priority.  I suppose even the Olympics is something I can take a break from now and then without much sorrow.  And I am sure by the time the games are wrapping up, I will indeed be tired of the non-stop coverage.  But for now...we compromise.  I usually find something that suits her interest and change the channel back to the Olympics on commercials.  Interestingly enough though...there are times where she wants me to keep it on the games (having gotten wrapped up in the drama of a particular moment) rather than change it back to her original program.

What are your house dynamics on this topic?  Are you a big fan?


Craig V said...

We all have our special interests AND vices - although sport was a biggy once in my life, and was a little off the mainstream - it was all just releasing the energy of a passionate youth, which also lead me to doing things I'm not so proud of. In traditional sports of school and community I became aware early on of the politics of man - growing up attending a Christian church / school no less!

We all have our special interests ~ and vices too. Nothing wrong with enjoying life when God is put first, which manifests in naturally "shining our lamps". The less something has God first in it and more of the world, the flesh, in it, the less it interests me - Ergo, I don't take much interested in the "world's games", which are about solely glorify the individual and institutions of man - and now evolved to selling corporate crap. To add, the TV is really more just something I pass by on the way to the bathroom.

To see an individual like Gabby Douglas give glory to God before the world after her win was awesome; The "carbon fiber run" of Oscar Pistorius was a focus on the self, he never gave glory to God; I found him as about as impressive as dirt. Deeds are worth absolutely nothing if God is not put first. So no matter what the accomplishment, if it doesn't serve to glorify God or begin and end with putting God first, it's total bunk - and bunk on a fast sliding scale to destruction. I'm would say I as much "hard core", just I'm about truth - truth clears the road and greases the wheels of peace and understanding.