Monday, August 13, 2012

The Best You

No, I haven't adopted the Joel Osteen mantra nor will I begin prosperity preaching in case the title has you curious.  In fact this topic is more inspired by the finality of the Olympic Games than anything else.  As I watched our American athletes win the majority of events while playing armchair quarterback and fan, I was inspired.  Here are men and women at the very top of their mental & physical abilities.  They are not only the world's best but they are doing their personal best.

It strikes me that most of us are not even doing our best in any one category.  Forgetting for a second that most of us would not, even at our peak, be able to compete against world class athletes...we still leave something left to be desired.  In my case, there was a time that I excelled in athletics.  There was a time when three miles could be run in less than seventeen minutes, when sprinting down the soccer field ended triumphantly with a header into the net.  Again, never necessarily an athlete being scouted for the big leagues but at least an in-shape, able bodied, contributor to the team.

And that got me thinking about other categories of life that I may have allowed status quo to be enough.  Am I doing my best at being a Father, Son, Husband, Staffing Professional and most importantly Follower of Christ?  Would I be winning Gold Medals in any of these areas if the only competition was my "best self"?  I hate to admit this folks but I think I can do better.  How about you?  Where do you find yourself on the scale, not against others, but against your own peak potential?  Can you do better?  Will you do better?


Craig V said...

Seems to me the answer isn't in answering the question, but in our always asking it of ourselves.