Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two Keys to Weight Loss

There is no actual secret to weight loss.  Its a simple formula of calories in versus calories out.  Burn more than you consume...voila...weight loss.  Consume more than you burn, welcome to Gains-ville.  The only real difference in weight loss fads is the method by which a person decides to cause the pendulum to swing in their direction.  But ALL of them must cause you to always burn more calories in a day than you consume even if exercise isn't part of the regimen.

With all that in mind I would like to discuss what I think the TWO keys to weight loss actually are and provide one of the two items for you, here on the blog.

Key ONE - Motivation

An individual such as myself who is carrying excess weight of any kind must first decide they no longer like doing so.  But that is only the beginning of motivation.  I have not liked carrying this extra 20 pounds for several years now and yet never did anything about it.  The dislike must slowly turn to into being fed up and sick of being out of shape.  It also helps of course when your 20 year high school reunion is next year and when you have health reasons to add to the motivation bucket as I do. However, this is the category I cannot help you with.  I, like anyone else, can tell you all the good reasons for a life change of this sort but you already know that stuff.  You have to finally decide on your own why its worth the effort.

Key TWO - Accountability

Many of us start these kinds of efforts well intended.  We may even lose two pounds per week for an entire month.  But somewhere along the line we get out of the habit, we make excuses for missing a run, or justify eating those extra calories and before long...we're done.  I am convinced that people will always have a much better possibility of success when there are others that are not only doing the weight loss with you but also holding you accountable each week.  That is where I hope to help and where I hope you will consider helping me.  Every Thursday for the next three months (possibly longer) those that wish to participate, will send me a brief update that I will post on the blog along with my stats.  In essence this will create a public record of our progress or lack thereof for the purpose of accountability. and exercise with any method of your choosing.  But each week send me an email with the following:

  • A photo of yourself
  • Your starting weight
  • Your goal weight
  • Your current weight
  • A paragraph about your week's experiences be they good, bad, or ugly.
Those that prefer not to share actual weight numbers can just say how many pounds you want to lose and give us an update each week regarding how many have been lost or gained.  Send all information to by Wednesday each week and check back here on Thursday for the post.  I don't care if just one other person does this with me or if 100 participate.  Either way, let's help one another out and make this fun.


Pony and Petey said...

This is really great!

I just got back from my Weight Watchers meeting...this is my 10th week of maintenance. I've been trying to think of things I can do to continue the goal-setting and achievement feelings that I've enjoyed so far. I can participate...if you'll let me.

I'm already at my goal weight...the losing for me is never the real challenge. I can lose weight with the best of them! And maintaining isn't even the real challenge...until I hit December, January and February.

So if you'll allow me to participate, this might be the answer to giving me a goal for the next several months!

Jim said...

Of course you can participate! Our goals certainly don't have to been the same. The idea is to have an accountability group more than anything.