Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wanting To Do More!

I am not sure what is going on right now.  There seems to be in an inordinate amount of prayer requests hitting my email account of a very serious nature.  So I am somewhat flabbergasted not only by the number of issues that have been brought to my attention but also to the severity of each case being off the charts of what I consider "the norm".

Praying is easy to do.  It takes a few moments.  And ideally it won't just be a one time thing.  It will be something I continue to do until the person(s) involved experience resolution.  But I find myself wishing I could do more.  I wish that by holding a sick persons hand, I could transfer my health into their bodies.  I wish by hugging someone that was victimized I could erase the trauma.  I wish I could heal the hurts and fulfill the needs of each and every person that is on my list!

These are things that only God can accomplish however.  So praying is still my best course of action.  And though I have the utmost confidence and faith that He knows what is best and will bring about the results that are best...its still that "letting go process" that is difficult.  Full trust is hard when we realize that His will is not always going to match up with our will.  But I am not in this Christ Following business so that I can have my wish-lists attended to.  I am not in it so that I can get "my way" like a spoiled brat.  Instead I am the wet clay, spinning ever so fast on the potters wheel, letting the artist mold and shape me into His desired shape.

Faith is a journey of growth and a process of renewal.  Are we willing...each of us...to let Him finish the work?