Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Broken or Rigged?

I often postulate that our two party political system is broken.  And it is.  But I don't think that term is comprehensive enough for what is actually going on.  Broken implies that through no fault of those in each political party the system just isn't working as it was designed to work.  That somehow through the years its become less relevant to our advancing ways.  That the only reason it needs reform is on par with renovating an old home to meet modern styles and tastes.

Not so.  Not even close.  I suspected with good reason that things were bad and perhaps rigged.  But never before has such an obvious example hit the radar.  It all started at the RNC as John Boehner called for a two thirds majority vote on a new party ruling.  Essentially this new rule would allow the GOP to stop grassroots candidates they deemed unsavory for office regardless as to whether or not that particular candidate had captured the majority votes.  They would still have the power to put "their man" forward.  Had this rule existed when Ronald Regan was up and coming, it would have prevented him from the nomination and therefore the presidency.  As Boehner takes stage and asks for a vote, the delegates quite clearly are divided.  Fifty percent at best is what he had that were for or against this proposed rule change.  But guess what?  The teleprompter that he was reading (also known as a script) told him that the required two thirds was achieved and the ruling was passed.

Perhaps the DNC will be different.  Well, it wasn't.  In this case a ruling about using language that includes God and a declaration of Jerusalem being the official capital of Israel was up for a vote.  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villariogosa, like Boehner, steps up and asks the delegates to verbally approve or reject of this proposal.  Again, it sounds like a fifty percent split with both sides being very equal.  The Mayor recognizes this and asks two more times for them to vote.  Finally a woman tells him to read the rest of the teleprompter and let the fallout be what it may.  And the script, just like at the RNC, read that the necessary two third had been accomplished and the ruling was passed.

If this kind of rigging is happening at the National Convention, where else is it occurring?  Was Romney really the GOP pick?  Does our vote actually count?  Can you make your voice be heard?  Are we, the people, electing actual representatives?  Watch this video recap of the events that I am reporting to you and decide for yourself.


Craig V said...

"I find my interests and criticisms of the world is in vain, a falling back into my sinful self, a falling from God, but know I'm falling forward and my faith in the Lord is getting stronger by His blessings of insight and knowledge in my life. "
- from my recent post on my blog.

Politics this round almost had me restoring a bit of my faith in America, but it's just another "build me up to let me down" phenomenon - luckily I didn't fall for it so much and I feel I never will again. I'll watch man's foolish games, but with the discerning eye of the Holy Spirit in me that I shall no longer restrain.

To answer your questions:
If this kind of rigging is happening at the National Convention, where else is it occurring?
- Where-ever man is the center of his world.

Was Romney really the GOP pick?
GOP - YES. Was he the people's pick? NO.
What did you expect - for folks to break out in singing "How Great Thou Art"?

Does our vote actually count?
- If it is for man-centered things, who cares?

Can you make your voice be heard?
See answer above and...
- only if you scream loudly for man-centered wants and desires.

Are we, the people, electing actual representatives?
- Are we the people actually putting God first?
If so, why do we elect the most Godless men around?

I can only address politics with one simple question - Is it about putting God first? If not, I don't really care - God is willing HIS purpose, who am I to question God? And we know man-centered thinking leads hearts away from God, NOT TO GOD.

I'm done tripping on man's big feet - how about you?

Jim said...


Please do not confuse my fairly regular (as of late) commentary on the political happenings to be misguided delusions of putting faith or stock into man and our broken system.

If anything, I want both friend and foe to just stop being part of the machine that is consuming both of them. I really don't know which die hard person annoys me more...the supposed Christian Republican that is gleefully endorsing a Mormon, Flip-Flopper, who agrees with just about every major issue and policy as Obama or the supposed Non-Religious Liberal that blindly supports Obama's socialist agenda with smile on face and asks for another helping.

I, like you, have stopped buying into the man-made polarization of both camps. To some degree, my only goal, if one can be declared or achieved is to help people see their role in it. Come out of her my people has degrees of value in just about every godless area of our lives, politics included.

Maybe I should just quietly sit and watch without so much as a word or counter claim. Perhaps its all in vain. God's will is at work. I haven't lost sight of that. And if He wants King Nebucanezzer to continue disciplining His people in this slavery disguised as a deomocracy, than so be it.

My hope is that our country can and will at some point put God first and be restored through revival. But the way things are going, I'd sooner expect Jesus to return than this ship to turn around. And we'd be better for it too!

Craig V said...

I can dig where you're coming from brother - I'm just always pushing God first - so stone me! LOL!

Seriously though - my commentary responses to you are not necessarily always directed at to you - but at all in reach of our voices. "God first" will always be my first gut response, then I may add my man-centered thoughts, for what they're worth ;)

Romney almost had me with the addition of Paul Ryan, but Mitt's Mormonism to me is more a threat to spiritual truth than if he was merely an atheist with conservative views - Then he just announced publicly he's for not repealing Obama care, but just for "fixing it" - to wit I discovered Ryan has never said he was against a single payer system either, just criticized Obama care. On health care they were pulling a sham.

And of course if I called Obama a filthy lying Liberal scumbag worthy of being drawn and quartered on national reality TV for treason it still wouldn't reflect my deeper thoughts on the rat ;)

We do need to make Christians in the reach of our voices aware of these deceptions of evil, and learn to discern darkness for what it is. And we need to ALWAYS start by putting God first. Rest assured my brother, on that I shall never waiver!

And you got it dead right - Jesus shall return before man ever puts God first - clearly Biblical, clearly the truth... We can talk about it, but why waste time worrying about it? With God protecting us we should enjoy life and enjoy the gifts God has given us - Enjoy you're beautiful family brother! Enjoy them Oreos too, but in moderation! LOL!

And I sure wish Blogger would change thier security ID posting images ~