Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fanboy Madness

I am going to pick on Apple Fanboy's and girls with this post.  But my broader point is with any and all consumers that MUST stand in line to be the first (or one of the first) to get a newly released product.  The biggest question I have for any of you that do this is WHY?  What is the payoff that actually makes the long lines, the very expensive purchase, and the willingness to deal with first release glitches worth it?

The iPhone 5 is currently having issues with everything from its new Map App to its WiFi Connectivity.  When the iPhone 4 first came out people couldn't get a signal to make calls.  You eventually had to by a special case for them that helped boost their signal strength or trade it in for a later modified 4.  It amazes me that such large companies like Microsoft and Apple have the nerve to release products that have obviously not been Beta Tested or put through much, if any, quality control.

I mean how do you not know that your map application has images like this?  Or business addresses that put you in the middle of the ocean?  Or a MISSING Statue of Liberty?

I learned a long time ago when I purchased my first Nintendo that buying the slightly older release was the smartest way to do things.  By the time I put my money on the retail counter I was buying a $99 Nintendo that most of my friends had for a few more months than me to the tune of $199.  Mine was discounted because by then they were selling units that came with two controllers and a gun so you could play Duck Hunt.  Who wanted the original model that just had one controller and only came with Super Mario Brothers?  I did.

Let me know when you're ready to sell me your 4S.  I'll take two of them that are in "like new" condition.