Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Get This Straight - 3

I have several friends on Facebook that are atheists. And in that group there are several that are at least as vocal about their world view as I am, if not more-so. When they post something like the photo(s) you see above, it is very difficult for me to remain silent. But I don't think Facebook is the forum to iron out our differences or argue. They put up with my preaching and I need to respect their right to preach as well. So I have decided to take examples they use, careful not to reveal their identity and respond accordingly here on the blog. Should they see an example they've used when coming here and want to discuss...I think this site might be a better place to dialog.

This installment I have no gripes, simply interesting observations.  I had to perform a double-take when observing this particular atheist friend's offering.  It's always nice when we can agree about something since it is such a rare occurence.  So there will be no write up explaining which logical fallacy this photo violates because it doesn't violate any of them.  Instead here are a few bullet points of interest for you to consider:

  • Made of Earth completely supports the Creation account in Genesis.  It also supports the often used funeral phrase "ash to ash, dust to dust" which is based on Genesis 3:19.  There we find out that we will return to a dirt or dust form just like Adam originated from.  And as any morbidly astute observer can plainly witness when any carbon based lifeform dies, the decaying process litterally causes us to become composting soil.  With modern burial techniques this is slowed but the decay does happen.
  • Made of Stars?  Yes...we, according to Carl Sagan, are made up of "star stuff".  He isn't wrong.  We have carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen molecules in our bodies, not to mention atoms of all other heavy elements.  To me this points to a Common Designer, not an earthbound common ancestor as Darwinists postulate.  Check out Sagan's insightful quote:
  • Outer Space (AKA: The Heavens) is where we come from?  Sounds rather theological to me.  Sounds like after death we return there.  Sounds like the Bible verse that "none shall have excuse" for their disbelief is true.  Sounds like we all inherently KNOW that we are creations of God and are meant to return to Him.
  • Last but not least (and back to the original photo) we have the word "MADE" in each of the two statements.  Be humble because you're MADE of earth.  Be noble because you're MADE of stars.  This begs the question.  Made by WHO?  To this day its never been observed by any scientist the spontaneous existence of something from nothing.  This inherently implies that something has ALWAYS been in order to avoid infinite regress.  Atheists used to claim the Universe itself was the constant but we now know that to be false.
  • Atheists and Theists are not as far apart as most might believe.  This photo is just one illustration of that point.  But I invite you to watch an older video of mine below to see how much more we actually have in common.  Perhaps this is ground we can both stand on to help iron out our disagreements? 


Kanbei85 said...

The photo commands us to be both humble and noble; but on what authority? If atheism is true, there is no ultimate authority, so that command carries no weight than the opposite command: be proud and be vulgar. Without an ultimate authority which gives weight to a moral command, such statements are just meaningless, subjective blathering.