Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week Four Weigh In

If you want to find out what's going on and perhaps join in on the fun and accountability, click here for details.

Here are the stats for this week from those that are currently participating:

Name: Jim
Starting Weight: 211
Goal Weight: 180
Current Weight: 198

Recap: Well this was my smallest weekly loss yet.  Only two pounds.  But I am excited that I even got that far for two reasons.  (1) It means I finally got under 200 lbs.  I hope to say goodbye to the two hundreds forever.  (2) As of yesterday I was showing NO loss.  So turning in two pounds is much better than zero.  The running continues to get stopping...longer distances...faster pacing.  My stomach is now used to the smaller portions so hunger pains aren't much of a factor anymore either.  The biggest challenge is staying motivated when the scale seems to show very little improvements over the course of several days!  Sorry for the stereotypical mirror shot.  That is all I could do for an updated photo this week.

Name: Mike C.
Starting Weight: 238
Goal Weight: 218
Current Weight: 224

Recap: Lost another three pounds this week.  I am 6 lbs away, and working on carving it up! 

Name: Vickie P.
Starting Weight: 138.8
Goal Weight: 122.0
Current Weight: 119.8

Recap: Happy about the extra pound gained because my body fat stayed the same...having some success in gaining muscle! Finally reached the last short term goal I made for myself this past April when I joined Weight Watchers. I had 4 or 5 goals...reached the other ones over the previous weeks and months and finally hit the last one this past week...getting my running paces back down to what I feel is a "respectable" level for my age and ability. Every run is happy happy joy joy...even the recovery runs...because I stay in the sub-10:00 mile range! My interval workout (6 x 400) was in the 7:44-7:16 range...I've done a sub-9:00 5k run (not race, which I would expect to be faster). I'm excited to see how much more improvement I can eek out of this rapidly-approaching-50 year old body!

How about you? Can you stand to drop a few pounds and get into better shape? Want to be brave enough to post your stats publicly on this blog? If so, read the requirements in this kick-off post and submit your information by Wednesday of next week.

Good luck!


Pony and Petey said...

Jim, you're looking GREAT!!!

Usually you can't see a difference until someone has lost around 20 pounds but I can definitely see a difference in you...awesome!!

Jim said...

That makes my day. I told my wife that I will know that I am making progress when others (outside of immediate family)start noticing the weight loss. You are the first to say something! Thank you.