Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Fell That Day?

Some say two towers fell.  And that would be a true statement.  Some say our National Security fell.  And that would be partly true as well.  EMS workers, Firemen, Police, and thousands of American Citizens also fell under attack and lost their lives.  The Pentagon fell.  Airplanes fell.  Our collective hearts and spirits fell as we mournfully watched our fellow Americans on live television be victimized.

But you know what else fell down...at least for a while?  Our differences.

Whether it was our political views, our divisive stances on religion, our concerns for the self, or our passionate opinion that chocolate is better than vanilla...nothing else mattered.  In those moments and into the months that followed, we were simply a family.  We were Americans that endured the worst attack to happen on our soil in our History as a Nation.  We were Americans that wanted answers and united in our desire to stand strong.  We stopped caring about that which really didn't matter and we focused on one another.  Caring for and loving one another.

No one stopped to ask what political affiliation, what sexual preference, what denomination, what stance of abortion, what social status, what profession, what ethnic background, or what level of wealth you had or didn't have before offering a hand to one another.  It was one of the only times in my life that God's perspective on how to really love one another and how to really prioritize life's issues became crystal clear.  It's just a shame that it took such drastic tragedy for us to open our eyes and truly understand. It's even more of a shame that we've forgotten and returned to our polarized, divisive ways!

What more will it take to teach us?