Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Distraction Games

Ever play this game with your parents as a child?

They hone in on you and catch you red handed.  Let’s keep this fairly innocent for now and say they've got you with paws in the cookie jar.  As mom and dad begin to focus energy on chastising you and considering punishment, you distract them…perhaps saying something like:

"Well Mom, you went shopping today even though Dad said we needed to save money!"

Upon hearing this, the dad forgets about the cookie caper and soon a heated discussion between the parents ensues.  The child, knowing the parents hot buttons, managed to take the heat off of him and get his folks entangled in their own personal marital issues.

How is this any different from the way our divisive two party system works as we vote officials into office? Perhaps in the case of stealing a cookie before dinner time, this isn't really all that serious of a ploy. But imagine if the child in question is sneaking out each night, using drugs, and experimenting sexually.  Suddenly his distraction game isn't cute anymore.

And its not that the issues that distract the parents are not meaningful or worthy of the time and effort they put into hashing it out.  Just like the issues that divide Left and Right in this country ARE important.  But what does that matter when our leaders are corrupt to the core and continue to capitalize on your polarization and refusal to unite to take them down?

I propose we open our eyes, unite for the sake of our freedoms and liberties, help reform our broken system and then revisit our pet issues down the line.

How about you?