Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Feud

Anyone that has family knows it can be a mixed bag of blessings and strife.  Arguments, conflict, opposing wills & desires, gender roles, birth order, parental strategy, and personal opinion are just a few factors that come into play when strife enters the picture.  Before you know it, name-calling and heated discussion have someones feelings hurt.  And if its a sibling based issue, you're lucky if someone doesn't have a bloody lip.

What unites a family isn't their independent member's traits though.  It is the things they have in common, which often times is ONLY their genetic makeup.  "Blood is thicker than water" holds true as we often find ourselves defending the very people we spend so much time fighting with once an outside source comes to challenge.  So perhaps its aptly warranted that Scripture often describes Christians to be, "Family in Christ".  We call one another brother and sister because we are united by the blood of Christ and have been born into a new family of believers.

But like our actual homes, this family isn't without stress, strife, arguments, and heated debates over disputable matters.  I knew this already but have been experiencing it more lately than in previous times.  I've made the bold (and perhaps silly) move of sharing my political opinions on Facebook and this blog as of late.  That in and of itself would be bold because you're already asking for a percentage of the public to disagree with you no matter the party affiliation.  I've perhaps made it worse by not embracing either.  I've even gone so far as to say how corrupt and disappointed I am in the two parties.  In some ways, the few supporters I could have had...are equally upset with me as I have now picked on both sides.

All I can ask of my brothers and sisters is to vote for their man as led by prayerful consideration and to KNOW that I WILL DO the same.  And in all things remember what or more importantly WHO unites us as family!


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