Monday, October 29, 2012

Genius Costumes

Yes my children participate in Halloween activities.  Sparing you great detail about how I've arrived at such as decision as a Christian, I will tell you that we in no way celebrate evil.  In fact I've made it a rule that our costumes have to be of the lighthearted and innocent variety.  And with all the choices, none of the three have complained about not finding something cool and fun.  We always let them pick what they want to be and have veto power if the motif is in question.

That said, I did to some degree orchestrate a plan that came together rather well.  My best idea (perhaps for a future date) is for the entire five person family to dress as The Incredibles.  This, if pulled off, must be done in the next year or two while my youngest still has that baby quality.  Second only to that idea is a Star Wars family.  Ideally Rachael and I would be Anakin and Padme but we didn't purchase costumes for cost savings purposes.  So the modified version has our twins as Luke and Leai while baby Joshua dawns a Yoda outfit.  We could have gone with R2, an Ewok, or perhaps a Jawa but I thought a Jedi family made the most sense.

Granted most people probably don't realize (now that they are six) that our eldest two are twins...which goes right in-line with the Star Wars narrative of Luke & Leia.  But overall they still pull off the look and all three of them got lots of great reactions last night at Trunk or Treat.  And though it was up to them to decide what to wear, it seems Dad still has a bit of persuasiveness with least for now.  What are you doing to top this?  Leave a comment and let me know.