Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heroes & Hope 7.0

We live in trifling and uncertain times. I tend to highlight the more concerning topics fairly often. So in effort to be fair and balanced, it seems appropriate for me to present another series that highlights people, events, accomplishments, and the rays of light God gives us for encouragement sake.

This week I have one girl and an entire community of people surrounding her to highlight.  Whitney Kropp, a fun-loving sophomore in high school became a target of a practical joke as fellow students conspired to vote her onto the homecoming court.  Sure enough they got enough votes and when the time was right they began picking on her and the fellow student elected with her who was part of the prank dropped out, leaving her literally standing alone.

She too thought about dropping out.  But then the heroes started emerging.  Students not involved in the prank approached her and encouraged her to stay in the running and prove the bullies wrong.  Then the community of West Branch, Michigan (Population 2100) began to rally around her as well, starting a Facebook Page in her honor as well as donating several items she would need for the event.  Local businesses made sure Kropp had shoes, tiara, her hair colored and styled, as well as a homecoming gown.  So what could have been a cruel and relentless hazing storm turned into a modern day Cinderella moment.  It seems Whitney will be the one to enjoy the last laugh!