Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Rule Over the Sheeple

Imagine an elite group of people that have conspired to rule over you without you being aware of them or their real agenda.  Imagine they want to infiltrate every area of government, devalue the dollar, force collapses, economic ruin, and the NEED for a Global Government as the only solution to the problems they've intentionally created all while profiting with the foreknowledge of each step being executed.

Imagine they fake attacks on their own people and proclaim a war, not on a nation, but on an act called terrorism.  It, like the war on drugs, is an un-winnable war and can be perpetuated forever.  The word "terror" itself is one that can be hotly debated as some might consider our acts in the Middle East to qualify.  Imagine as the banks and corporations begin crumbling down, how they might offer a bail out...telling the people they are trying to save them...all the while they are becoming owners of such institutions.

Imagine that the only jobs they create are government jobs and those that cannot get jobs are dependant on government unemployment assistance.  Imagine they are intentionally forcing a populace to be so dependant upon their handouts so as to control them.  How would such an elite group pull off so grand a conspiracy as this with an enormous public unaware? 

How about first owning the media and controlling all the information that is disseminated to them?  How about taking issues they know we are divided over and polarizing the population against one another?  How about having their inside men, pretend to represent each side of those polarizing issues so that no matter who is elected, the elite still have control, still have their man in office?  How about making sure that grass roots movement and candidates are either not covered at all or covered in a very negative light so as to discourage such dissent?  How about distracting the populace with music, movies, TV shows, technology, and iPhone 5's so they don't have a moment to think for themselves?

How about we get a Muslim and a Mormon (that both claim to be Christians) to debate live on TV and stir up the anger toward one another instead of toward the puppet masters? 

Nah.  None of that could ever happen! Right?