Monday, October 15, 2012

Noah's Ark

I know that God will call people to do things they aren't always comfortable with.  But I also know that God gives you what you can handle.  So while He knows that I could never be a modern day Noah, managing pairs of every animal in tight quarters...I still feel like my house has turned into a rather densely populated animal refuge.  I joke that this prophetic verse from Matthew 24 is literally coming true in my home:

For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

You see we already have a family of five (humans that is). And as of a week or so ago, we now have just as many animals.  That brings us to a total of ten living creatures under our roof, taking shelter, needing food, love, medical attention, and did I mention janitorial services?  Whether its my one year old or the new seems someone is either making a mess or needing to use the facilities.  What was once my back yard, now functions as a dog toilet and there is nothing quite like waiting outside in the cold for a dog to decide to fertilize your grass.

Any one or perhaps combination of two of these animals would be fine.  Its the growing population that is now threatening to overtake the human numbers that tests my limits.  So while I would never claim this to be a calling from God or ever truly equate it to the responsibilities shouldered by the actual Noah...I do believe this situation is causing me to stretch and grow.  It is pushing my comfort zone and challenging my patience levels.  I've already begun to notice a softening of my shell as acceptance of our new circumstances becomes the new norm. 

That said...I have declared that if another animal moves in, I may have to move out. about you?  Are you running a modern day Noah's Ark?  Can you beat our numbers?  Leave your objections or sympathies in the comment section.