Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's tempting when dealing with fellow believers that disagree with you to begin wondering why there is division where there should be unity.  Before long, the parties involved may even start internally questioning the sincerity of the other persons faith.  Yet Paul tells us in several of his letters that we should expect dispute and how to handle it when it comes, ever careful to let it aid in a sharpening process, never allowing it to divide.  The complexity of each person's individual walk with Christ is such that we must all be very patient with one another.

Some of us are much further ahead and can get frustrated when newer, less experienced brothers and sisters haven't figured out what the mature members have.  Some of us that are newer in our walk can get frustrated with those further ahead of us and view their advice and instruction as criticism.  Some of us are very slowly being brought through this walk in baby-step fashion.  Some of us go from zero to sixty in a matter of months.  Spiritual maturity can go hand in hand with chronological age but that isn't always so.

A classic example of this is comparing Paul to Peter.  Peter, like me, was passionate but a bit dense when it came to figuring things out.  Jesus, ever patient with him, allowed for Peter to walk slower and we didn't see him fully mature until after Christ ascended into heaven.  Paul on the other hand, having one brief roadside experience went from zero to sixty and arguably became as mature in Christ if not more-so than many of the Apostles who walked and talked to Jesus for three full years.  I don't pretend to know your walk or even try to speculate where you are on it compared to me.  The important thing is that God will finish the good work He began in you and He has hand-crafted a process meant just for you.  It doesn't have to look anything like mine to call you a brother or sister in Christ.