Monday, October 01, 2012

We Love Justice Until...

This morning on my way to work I watched as the HOV lane swiftly moved passed me.  By swiftly I simply mean faster than being stopped (by which a pedestrian walking quickly might qualify).  As usual, there was a good fifty percent mix of compliant HOV users to violators.  I've complained about this before in a previous post if you need a reminder of how irritating it is for me to have people be so blatant about their entitlement issues.

But I digress and won't stand on that soap box today.  Instead my inlfamed sense of injustice was, for once, satisfied with a wondrous moment that made my law abiding ways appear vindicated.  Just as I was starting to make my way over in preparation for my exit, a police car whipped over the HOV lane and lit up the nearest truck with its one occupant.  I cheered and danced a little jig only saddened by the fact that he would only get one of the many, many people that were in the wrong.

Then it hit me.  We LOVE justice.  People have this inherent need for it.  We cheer when it occurs and we gripe when it doesn't.  So why are so many of the atheists I am talking with on Youtube right now so angry and judgemental toward my God in Heaven who is the embodiment of Justice?  It struck me today as I watched this motorist get his just deserve that he probably wasn't all that happy, even though the rest of us in the proverbial parking lot were.  We LOVE Justice until it applies to us.  And when God's standard is perfection, let's face it...NONE of us can stand on our own merits.  I suppose I would be just as angry about that as the atheists if I didn't have an advocate that IS perfect, that does meet God's standards, willing to atone for me.

I wouldn't have the right to be mad or to cry foul any more than the gentleman that got pulled over this morning.  But our human nature is often too self absorbed to see our own folly or agree that such folly deserves consequences like a traffic ticket.  It's no wonder that we shake an angry fist at a Just God when it is us being pulled over instead of someone else.  They deserve it but we don't, right?