Thursday, October 04, 2012

Week Seven Weigh In

If you want to find out what's going on and perhaps join in on the fun and accountability, click here for details.

Here are the stats for this week from those that are currently participating:

Name: Jim
Starting Weight: 211
Goal Weight: 180
Current Weight: 193

Recap: Although it may appear that I've only lost one pound when compared to last week, I actually lost four.  Somehow, I managed to gain three pounds last weekend getting back up to 197.  The rain on Saturday prevented my normal bike ride but I certainly didn't expect that to be so detrimental.  So it took until Tuesday just to get back down to 194 (my weight from last week) and then until last night to drop one more pound.  This is my lowest net weight loss from one week to the next but in some ways my biggest victory having suffered a sizeable set-back.  I have not registered for the 5K yet but will keep you posted if/when I do.

Name: Mike C.
Starting Weight: 238
Goal Weight: 218
Current Weight: 211


Great job Mike!

Name: Vickie P.
Starting Weight: 138.8
Goal Weight: 122.0
Current Weight: 120.8

Recap: Still not back to normal activity due to my back pain. Felt good on Monday and really good on Tuesday and then not as good on Wednesday...think maybe I was walking too much and trying to do too much in the way of normal household chores and set my recovery back. I've been drinking as much as possible so I stay well-hydrated... I know muscles need lots of water to stay healthy! And I REALLLLLLLY want my back healthy again!

Name: Ryan K.
Starting Weight: 258
Goal Weight: 220
Current Weight: 254


I've finally begun my workout program but literally just started two days ago. Therefore I lost one pound since the last weigh-in BUT should turn in some great number in the coming week. I am doing Insanity. The plan is twice per day but once per day is the minimum. If I add that to my dieting, this process should speed up significantly! Got some catching up to do.
How about you? Can you stand to drop a few pounds and get into better shape? Want to be brave enough to post your stats publicly on this blog? If so, read the requirements in this kick-off post and submit your information by Wednesday of next week.

Good luck!