Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Thoughts

True to form, love me or hate me, I did not vote for Obama or Romney yesterday.  With the one write-in exception of Ron Paul, I voted Libertarian straight ticket unless there was no Libertarian choice.  I can tell you that I've never felt better about my vote than I did yesterday.  I have stated from the beginning that with the two main party line choices we were given this year that the outcome didn't matter.  They are both puppets, bought out by the same masters, just stumping on different platforms to create the illusion of choice for America.  I stand by that...BUT...I also have a confession.

To my surprise yesterday as I watched the poll numbers, I felt myself getting a bit emotionally invested in the outcome.  I felt myself wanting "anybody but Obama" (which in this case was Romney) to win.  Though I contend with him in office that nothing would improve, I wanted to at least have renewed hope in Americans that let their votes speak loud and clear...WE WANT CHANGE and we know Obama has failed us.  For a man this controversial regarding everything from his birth records to how he let Americans knowingly die in Benghazi to be re-elected by this nation is just incredible.  For a man who promised transparency and troops coming home only to hold closed door sessions, passing legislation Americans didn't want who continues the Bush Oil Wars & Military Occupations of the Middle East to stay in office is astounding.  For a man who denounces Christianity on National television and at every turn honors Islam by quoting the Qua-ran  bowing to Islamic leaders and wearing a Muslim ring on his hand to get re-elected is mind blowing.

And I could go on...and on....and on.  Sure, slick-Willie- used-car-salesman,-47%-elitist Mitt is just another puppet.  But he's an untested candidate that "in theory" might have brought change.  And electing someone other than Obama would have sent a message that Americans are paying attention, are waking up, and want reform.  We want a stabilized economy, we want bail outs and deficit spending to stop, we want Government to shrink, and we want representation...not continued steps toward oligarchy and martial law.  We want the freedoms this country was founded on and the revival of our Republic.  Instead...we sent the message to capital hill:  "Thank you sir.  May I have another?"

Obama will happily reply, "Why yes.  Yes you can."

And will we be lucky if that is all he does.  We are an ObamaNation (Abomination).


Mr. T said...

Ya know - I didn't vote - and I was free of all stress and worry... I watched the election coverage and laughed at the various pundits as they projected this that and the other thing... I went to bed with an ease... truly feeling God's presence... and I was fine until today... when I had to face the rage and anger of so many brothers and sisters in Christ who don't get it... Obama's surely a horrible president - but ya'all might've gotten Romney! Putting a man who follows a false prophet into the White House? Really? How stupid would that have been? Still - the rage boils over - politics suck - and I'm never going back.

Jim said...

We are on a similar path Chris. Though I choose to vote I really didn't have a dog in this race which gave m the same kind of perspective you had. I hope up are not counting me as one that is enraged because I'm not. Just concerned about the state of affairs. I restate...Mitt was a bad choice and I knew most Americans would not vote like me. So my only desire to see him win was to hopefully have proof of some kind that the public is paying attention and not continuing to give chances to politicians with proven bad records. Sadly no such thing happened.