Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm Guilty

I enjoy humor as much as just about anyone I know.  Granted over the years, what I find palatable has changed but there's nothing better than a good belly laugh.  You know the kind where it feels like you've done a thousand push-ups?  Typically on Facebook, I post at least one funny status update and photo each day.  We have plenty of reminders all around that are discouraging and difficult to deal with.  So humor is just one positive tool I like to use to lift my own spirit and that of others.

Those of you that follow my Youtube productions also know that I have created several videos that poke fun at Atheists.  All done in fun, not to be mean.  I offer these to get a chuckle...not as an apologetic meant to convince skeptics of my world view.  Turnabout is only fair play though.  So when I stumbled across this video today, I had to share it and admit to standing guilty.  I hope I am not nearly so obnoxious as these guys come off but I have said and will probably continue to say many of these phrases.  

So if you're an atheist, enjoy at good laugh at mine and other Christian's expense. And if you're a Christian, look in the mirror and have a good laugh.  It'll keep you humble!