Monday, November 12, 2012

Knock, knock...God's Calling

For every time that we hear a knock on our door where the guest on the other side is a welcome sight, we have many other times when we'd rather have not answered.  Be it a salesperson or a cult preacher, not everyone that comes knocking is welcome.  At best, they are invading your time by demanding you stop what you are doing to listen to their pitch, never seeming to care that they are uninvited and undesired distractions.  At worst, they are trying to convince you to depart with your money or your belief system with high pressure, manipulation techniques so they can get a notch on their belt and earn themselves reward.  Sometimes we are glad to see this person and happily depart with some cash in exchange for Thin Mints.  Most times we'd rather turn off the lights, hide behind some furniture, and remain absolutely quiet until the intruder goes away convinced of our absence.

But how do we respond when God calls?  Whether its His call to come to Christ in the first place or to become a missionary in Africa...we all tend to treat him like a vacuum cleaner salesman, don't we?  He knocked on the door to my heart for quite some time before I understood the Gospel message.  He looked through the peep hole to see if anyone was home as I ducked for cover, certain the cost of answering the door would be too overwhelming and inconvenient.  Answering the door when God is on the other side will cost us something, right?  If nothing else He will demand obedience to His will when it conflicts with mine...and who wants that?

It took me a while to humble myself to a point where I realized my will is worthless and His is divine and more desirable in the first place.  And though that lesson began when I asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior, its a lesson that I continue to learn as He keeps calling me into obedience. Just recently He called me to get healthy and to repent of my various habits of excess.  This video is my testimony to that journey and technically its one that I would still classify as "in progress".  Even when I make it to my goal weight, I must stand firm and not let old habits take me right back where I started.  The video is a bit longer than the average attention span and for that I apologize.  But I hope and pray that it encourages you and that it helps you to identify the next step God is calling you to.  Don't ignore the knocking.  His rewards are much more delightful than a box of thin mints!