Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "Half Man" Finds God

It's always interesting when a celebrity becomes a Christian.  There's lots of buzz and speculation surrounding their sincerity and how this may or may not affect their career.  Well we can add Angus T. Jones to this list.  You may know him best as Jake on Two & A Half Men.  He has been on the show since age nine, when the "half man" title made more sense.  Just a few days ago on Youtube he released a testimony video through Forerunner Chronicles confessing Jesus as Lord and pleading that we not watch his filthy show.

Under part two and up-rated 981 times (as of the posting of this blog) was this comment:

Agree or disagree with him, I give him all the credit in the world for taking a vocal and public stance for what he believes in, especially when that stance will more than likely have a career-ending consequence for him.

I must agree with that statement, especially in light of his $300,000 per episode salary and a particular detail revealed in this testimony video about Angus joining a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church.  Ultimately I agree with THIS article about how I view SDA but its not without a bit of concern.  You see SDA doctrine has placed them quite often in debates over whether or not they qualify as practicing Christians or a cult sect like that of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.

I highly recommend that you read the article for yourself but here is a direct quote that sums it up:

Though Martin sees the SDA as standing very near to the edge, in the end, he equates them with Arminian evangelicals.  His reason for doing so is that in the official documents of the SDA, chief of which is Questions and Answers, they affirm key doctrines such as the inerrency of scripture and salvation by grace alone through faith alone.  Martin is convinced that the SDA affirms these things in an evangelical manner.

If God is waking this child actor up and bringing him into salvation, I have no doubt that He will finish the good work He began in Mr. Jones. That may just be through a denominational practice that is pretty foreign to me, or it may mean Angus eventually attends another, more Bible-centered Christian congregation.

One thing is very clear in his testimony.  He is sincere.  He is willing to sacrifice his job and he is truly seeking and learning as much as he can about God and how to please him.  For me and for you, I believe this is a personal challenge for us to evaluate what we are doing for God.  How much are we sacrificing?  What are we willing to give?  I don't ask from a legalistic, salvation through works angle.  But rather from a "no idols before God sell all that you have and follow me" angle.