Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Perfect Gift?

I'm rarely baffled by ads and marketing schemes these days.  But I must admit this newest Sears commercial got my attention and was noteworthy enough for me to rant about on the blog.  I'd love to say that's because its an excellent marketing ploy that has my once-upon-a-time-Sears-employee-behind running back to the store for all my Christmas purchases.  Alas, I cannot say that.

And as a previous employee I do have a certain appreciation for this retailer.  But let's face it, Sears is not known and probably will never be known for its apparel or in this case its costume jewelry.  I am not sure who should be insulted more by this spot: Us men for being portrayed as bumbling fools, losing our children while self absorbed on the tool aisle that upon noticing the missing child manages to flirt with a group of ladies before catching "Jack" as he topples a display of earrings.  Or perhaps the women should be more insulted for having married said bumbling fool and saying, "How did you know?" as she excitedly opens her fake Sears jewelry at the end.

Perhaps its a toss up.  Suffice it to say, if this ad successfully lures any man on this planet to buy his wife this particular gift, I will pray for his soul.