Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Decor Options

Our outdoor light display options have certainly become vast in numbers these days.  You can line your lawn, roof-line  trees, shrubs, or all of the above with just about any variety of color or sized light.  You can purchase inflatable snowmen, Santa, reindeer, Snoopy, sleighs, trains, and even helicopters.  They have large sized ornaments to hang from your real trees and wreaths of every size for your door.  There is no shortage of theme or number of ways a creative person can choose from when deciding to adorn the outside of his or her home this time of year.

Well...that may not be completely true.  Granted I haven't been everywhere, so my scientific analysis of this gripe is limited to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes for now.  But it seems no matter what retail outlet I visit and no matter how extensive their options and collections are, there is NO Jesus-based decor.  You would think with the boundless inflatable sculptures that at least ONE would be a Manger Scene.  You would think with all the wire frame, tube-lit, shapes and characters that at least ONE would be of an Angel or of Baby Jesus.  You would think perhaps that a Star representing the one that the Wise-men and Shepherds followed that night would be an option.

Sadly but not unexpectedly or shockingly...I've not seen anything of the sort available.  And folks, I live in the Bible belt where the level of political correctness is still very tolerant of such things.  So my solution, which will probably not be put into effect until next year is to use the three sections of fence, that I am about to tear down and replace, as building materials for a Manger Display.  I don't plan on adding characters to it.  Perhaps just a Manger with a star on top and the words "Unto Us A Savior Is Born".  How about you?  Have you searched for Christian based decor?  Did you have any luck?  What solutions have you come up with?


sonofdavid said...

I've never really looked for something Cristocentric, sad to say, but now that you mention, it is a bit odd that the world-wide celebration of Jesus' birth does not warrant even decor item in major retail stores. Or perhaps they have already been purchased...who knows.