Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lightning Snow Storm

Many speculate that the actual birth date of Jesus is more likely to land between April and September based on astrological patterns and historical data in the Biblical text (the census for example).  But without complete certainty we still celebrate the coming of Emanuel (God with us) on December 25th.

He is certainly worth celebrating ANY year but this year was especially strange and fantastic.  We've had a white Christmas before but this year we literally had 70 degree weather just two days prior to the 25th.  We've had hardly a sign of winter save for a few sporadic cold fronts that require a days worth of bundling up.  So the fact that snow fell was truly amazing and miraculous.

But there's more.  Christmas Eve is when it started.  Rain storms pelted us all through the night and the lightning continued into the morning of Christmas Day.  I have never witnessed such a sight but literally we had thunder claps that became overwhelmed by a cold front.  And viola, storms were conquered by snow fall.  Loud bangs and daunting downpour became hushed wind and beautiful white confetti.

Isn't God just like that?  A Father with ultimate and fearful power.  But always able to calm the storms and turn them into wonderment and beauty.  Happy Birthday Jesus!