Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Miraculous Possibilities

Genesis 2:22 - Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

Most atheists cry foul with the opening verse in chapter one of Genesis.  But if for some reason they don't, this is yet another point where they would.  Miracles, by their estimation, rely on supernatural explanation.  And once you go beyond natural explanations, you might as well define the word to mean "impossible".  Yet over the years, we humans have managed to come into advanced knowledge and technologies that are beginning to rival the miraculous.

This begs an obvious question.  If we, a fallen, fallible, temporal, limited creature can now cause a virgin to be pregnant, grow organs, clone sheep, travel space, create cloaking technologies, and mind controlled instruments...how much more could/should a higher-level intelligence be able to do?  How much more would the Creator of the entire Universe be able to do?  I don't want to belittle God's abilities by putting them on our level.  But is it accurate to call His works impossible when we continue to prove otherwise by our own devices?  And is it logical to use the idea "miracles are impossible" to reliably discount God's existence?  I believe doing so is becoming a weaker and weaker stance.

So why the verse at the beginning?  Well it reminds me of what we silly humans have accomplished with Sherrie Walter.  She lost most of her left ear due to a battle with skin cancer.  Doctors, in effort to make her a new ear, used cartilage from her RIB to stitch together a framework for a new ear.  They then put this framework under the skin of her forearm so that it would grow around the new ear.  Then they took this new ear out of her arm and attached it where it belongs.  Amazing what can be done with a rib, isn't it?

WARNING: This is video footage of Sherrie and the process I've described.  It contains images of her mostly missing ear and the new ear growing under her forearm skin.  Viewer discretion is advised as these images might be considered graphic depending on your sensibilities.