Monday, December 17, 2012

Shame On Us

Newtown, Connecticut is worth our attention, prayers, concerns, love, support, and compassion.  They have suffered a tragedy in a category all its own.  The second largest population of school shooting deaths but the number one largest in terms of young victims.  Parents and School Teachers across this nation have been in a state of shock and mourning since the news first broke on Friday.

As is normally the case but not comforting in the least, we still have no idea what made this mad man target an Elementary School or more specifically First Graders.  My theory is that he is such a coward, that he choose the most defenseless among us.  But we may never know.  How do you even begin to analyze the mind of the depraved?  Especially one that is dead, his secrets and sins gone with him.

The only emotion besides utter sorrow that hit me this weekend regarding this tragedy was anger.  Some of it was righteous anger aimed at the fallen state of our world and the monsters it breeds.  But more of it was at people taking advantage of this event to promote an ideal or political position.  Some said things like, "this is what happens when God is taken out of schools."  Really folks?  I am a Christian and do not like the path our school systems have taken over the years but do you realize what you are saying?  God suddenly stopped caring for and protecting first graders because public sponsored prayer is no longer allowed at school?

But those folks were much smaller in numbers than those seeking to promote a stance on owning firearms.  Everyone from Susie Homemaker to Barack Obama had to say something about their position.  I support our Constitutional rights despite not owning a firearm for myself.  But to use this event to piggyback a position, regardless of what side of the debate you land on is despicable.  This divisive country should be united in grief over the lives lost.  Our opinions belong somewhere in the distant background.  At least for now.  It's too soon to move the dialog into political debates over separation of Church & State or the right to bear arms.

Instead focus on these beautiful people that will no longer be part of our collective lives: