Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Real Superman

Have you seen the trailer to the new Superman movie?  If not, look no further as I will embed it at the end of this post.  I am not sure what happened to Clark Kent's PR Department but when I was a kid, there was just NO other super hero that compared.  It wasn't that we despised Spiderman or Batman, its just that we all knew who was the best.  Perhaps the modern climate has less to do with bad PR and more to do with the popularity of a wide variety of choices but kids these days barely know who Superman is.  I know because I have test subjects at home that prove it.

And who wouldn't love Superman?  He is indestructible and incorruptible by most accounts.  They had to create a weakness (kryptonite) just to make the narrative interesting with the possibility that he can be defeated.  Often touted as "Savior to the World" the comparisons to Jesus abound (as I will demonstrate shortly).  If I have one complaint about Superman its this: like Santa at Christmas time...why do we need an alternative character to adore and admire?  Jesus is the ultimate superhero and the ultimate savior.  And unlike the fictional character of Clark Kent, He is real and every bit as powerful...nay...more-so.  He has no weakness and literally cannot be defeated.

Jesus | Superman Comparison - this is an abbreviated list from this site. I encourage you to click on the link and read the explanations under each category to learn more.

I am sure there are many reasons that can be offered to those, like me, that question why we even need a fictional superhero to embody just a portion of what the real life Jesus has to offer.  But under number three in the twenty parallels, this explanation probably comes close to what kind of answer I might get:

Click to enlarge
But again, I say...why not embrace the real hero...the real savior?  Modern day imitations of Him are just that.  Imitations.

How many Christ references can you spot in this trailer alone?

Here are just a few images from the movies and TV shows that support my point.  Something tells me there is intention behind it.  What do you say?

Smallville Cross Pose 1

Hovering over Earth Cross Pose

Superman dies in Cross Pose and falls to the Earth

Smallville Cross Pose 2 with actual wood beam and bare torso

Screen shot from new movie, Cross Pose in water from back

Screen shot from new movie, Cross Pose in water from front

New movie has Clark not only dawning a Jesus beard but also working as a fisherman