Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Incarnations?

I learned something new at church on Christmas Eve.  Or at least I had something I already knew, pointed out to me in a way I've never considered before.  The birth of Jesus is often referred to as incarnation.  And rightly so considering its meaning.

Wikipedia defines it as such:  Embodied in flesh or taking on flesh. It refers to the conception and birth of a sentient being who is the material manifestation of an entity, god or force whose original nature in immaterial.

A bit too sterile for my taste but you get the general idea.  And maybe this is a stretch since "taking on flesh" seems to be the key component here but in a sense, there have been three incarnations.

1. God the Father dwelt with His people in both the portable tabernacle and the permanent temple(s).

2. Jesus took on flesh and walked among us as a physical human being.

3. The Holy Spirit now indwells the believers of Christ using our physical bodies as a temple.

From this perspective we see all three persons of the Trinity have lived among us in a variety of ways.  If that isn't yet another good reason for understanding God's desire to have a personal relationship with us, I don't know what qualifies.  An uninterested god that has abandoned His creation as many atheists accuse us of worshiping would not take the time to call much less pay a visit...or three.


Michael aChristian said...

...and when the temple was on the move, He led them in a cloud by day and fire by night. Great points!

I often wonder what cloud baptism refers to? I cor 10:2